How I work with my students:

I believe that effective teaching is comprised of three vitally important elements:
Sizing up, Solving the Problem and creating a Positive Environment

Sizing Up. Every student has very special talents as well as areas in need of development and change. It is my job to pinpoint those areas that not only need development but also correction to eliminate obstacles that prevent the individual from realizing his or her full musical potential. The ability to interpret a student’s strengths and weaknesses has only been developed after many years of working successfully with Students of all kinds of interests.

Solving the Problem. A student’s musical shortcomings may include needed improvements in rhythm, instrumental technique, phrasing and interpretation, theory and knowledge of the literature. Whatever the case, all students deserve the quickest and most effective approach to mastering all elements of good musicianship. Having worked with some of the best teachers in all of those areas and performed with top classical and improvising professionals, I have incorporated those techniques that appear to work best and most efficiently. My goal is to bring out the best in each student and to help develop as versatile and complete musician as possible.

Positive Environment. I understand that studying an instrument can sometimes be daunting. At each lesson I make every effort to make a student comfortable, reinforcing positive accomplishments, no matter how seemingly small. Instilling a “can do” attitude can work wonders in enabling students in overcoming temporary hurdles.


Areas of Teaching Competence:Rod McCaulley Teaching


  • Coaching for Auditions for youth orchestras and ensembles
  • College Entrance Auditions
  • Professional areas of emphasis:
    • Interpretation and phrasing
    • Technical security
    • Sight-  reading
    • Stage presence and mindset

Age groups:

  • Children
  • Teens
  • Adults (Beginning and Advanced)


  • Double Bass and Electric Bass Guitar: All styles & levels
  • Piano: Beginning and Intermediate: Jazz,classical & pop
  • Guitar: Beginning and Intermediate: pop, jazz, & learn your favorite songs

Theory and Harmony:

  • From Music Fundamentals to Advanced Harmony
  • Theory


  • Jazz
  • Pop Blues

Distinctive Teaching Qualifications:

  • Provide piano accompaniment for all instruments creating a total context within which a student develops “real time” ensemble and soloing skills
  • Emphasis on developing whole musicians. For example, many double bass students now perform in both symphony orchestras and jazz ensembles
  • Emphasize the importance for piano students of all ages to learn keyboard fundamentals while playing easy to advanced compositions of quality that create interest and sustain motivation
  • Employ a progressive and thoroughly  developed and proven method of teaching theory, harmony and improvisation to brass, reed, drum, guitar, piano and bass students
  • Make the study of the guitar enjoyable to students of all ages while introducing them to good technique as well as the reading of music
  • I’m now also teaching online on Zoom, FaceTime, & Google Duo.